Students Teach A Poor Child How To Say Swear Words!

I’ve got this video link couple of hours back through facebook. Before I shared this to my blog, I muted many parts of this clip. I know, some of you might have already seen the original clip by this time. If you have not seen it before, see it please.

I must agree that what was projected in this clip is a bad work. But at the same time, this video is a good example for us to realize that kids can be taught anything we elders want. Just imagine, how much power Allah has given to us (elders, parents)! We love our kids, and if we want we can teach them all the good things and then can make our future as we have been dreaming. You see, this little innocent girl does not know English. She also does not know what she is saying all about but she is doing that with confidence and high accuracy. That is what we can also do to our kids but for good things.

Wake up everybody. It is we who are teaching our kids bad manners. It is we who are showing our kids ill things. It is we who are arranging bad things around our kids. It is we who are leaving evil things for them. They just follow us, they just copy us and they can do that quick and accurate. Let us change ourselves, kids will be changed automatically.

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One Response to Students Teach A Poor Child How To Say Swear Words!

  1. samina shabnam বলেছেন:

    আপনি ঠিকই বলেছেন! শুধু প্রতিটা শিশুই নয়, প্রতিটা জিনিষের মধ্যেই আল্লাহ অফুরন্ত সম্ভবনার বীজ বপন করে রেখেছেন। তাই আমাদের চিন্তা ও কাজ যদি হয় সেই সম্ভবনাকে জাগিয়ে তলা, তাহলে আমরা সব কিছুতেই বিপ্লব ঘটাতে পারি। আর যদি সেই সম্ভবনা জাগানোর চেষ্টা না করে তা অপব্যাবহার করি, তাহলে সব কিছু ধীরে ধীরে ধ্বংস করার সাথে সাথে আমরা নিজেরাই একদিন ধ্বংস হয়ে যেতে বাধ্য।

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